Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Burdens We Carry: Honoring Robin Williams

Photo Credit: Gary Kravit
I see so many people on FaceBook posting a heartfelt piece of wisdom that goes something like, "Treat everyone with kindness because you never know what burdens they are carrying." 

Today my respect and affection for Robin Williams shot way, way up. That a human being could carry the load he did for as long as he did with as much intelligence, humor and outright compassion as he managed is, at least for me, one more sign that the world is still full of miracles. It makes me regret the times when I have responded to my own troubles by looking for someone else to blame and making my world that much smaller and narrower and more tawdry. 

You never really know what burdens people are carrying but when you find out, you can stop for a moment and pay them the respect that they are due if, like Williams, they managed to share love and laughter with a world of other struggling people. Rest in Peace.

Photo Credit: www.crosscards.com

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