Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please Share This With Your Colleagues, Friends & Family Members: The Boston Marathon Bombing

PHOTO CREDIT: The United Methodist Church, Praying for Boston Marathon Victims

You don’t have to be a children’s organization to realize that the most vulnerable among us in times of horror like the Boston Marathon bombing are, in fact, children. 

For starters, very little helpful news and information is oriented toward children. It is often surprising to me how little time or energy is devoted to constructive efforts to help children deal with the crushing onslaught of images, sounds, and words that are primarily oriented toward the sensational.

In a world in which most adults have become desensitized to images of horror and the constant flow of the panicked and obsessive repetition of intense emotions, it is easy for us to forget that the children we love most- our sons and daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, god sons and god daughters, and children of friends- may have precious few cognitive and experiential resources to deal with what is coming at them.

Please take some time to view the message below and pass it on.  As adults, our greatest resource in times like these is our ability to step back for a moment from our sense of helplessness and ask what we ourselves can do to help someone else.  Here is one thing that you and those you love can do. In the process, it is entirely possible that you may find something of real help to you.


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