Monday, August 13, 2012

Have Mercy Monday: Beating the Heat

Iglesia Bill Harrod Girl's Auxiliary @ G.A. Camp
Photo Credit: Victoria Brown


No, this isn't a story about a Dallas Mavericks win over Miami.  It is about a phenomenon that takes place every summer, right in the teeth of the dog days of Texas heat when Mary Diaz takes young women from Iglesia Bill Harrod to G.A. camp, as she did just this past week.

Can you imagine this group braving 106 degree weather to go to a church camp?  Just at the time when most of us are taking refuge in air conditioned homes and the most common topic of conversation at work is about how hot it will be on a given day, Mary is taking pre-teens to Mount Lebanon Baptist Encampment.

Mary does it every year.  And every year she brings all the girls back safe and sound, with new determination to deepen their young spiritual lives. . . . 


This year one of Mary's grand daughters, Tori Brown, took her first trip to camp as a counselor. Tori, an undergraduate at Texas A&M in Corpus Christi, has been to many camps as a participant but this was her first year to go as a counselor, assisting her grandmother.

"I got to see what she does and I got to spend a week with one of the most amazing people I know," Tori said.
Tori Brown
Photo Credit: Tori Brown

If history is any indication of the future, these girls will grow up with vivid memories of love, laughter, belonging and hope.  They will want to see their children experience the same love and devotion they found in their relationship with Mary.  

Mary is caring for her third generation of kids at Iglesia Bill Harrod and she does so with a persistent focus that has had a remarkable impact.  Young adults and adults regularly return to our church after moving or spending time away from church altogether.  They invariably tell me the reason they are coming back to Iglesia Bill Harrod is because of their memories of the care Mary gave them as children.


Thanks for dropping by.  The forecast today is for a rather cool 100 to 102 degrees.  My prayer is that regardless of where you find yourself today, God will send someone your way to make this Monday not just another day to endure, but one that will inspire and encourage you. And that you might bring inspiration and encouragement to those around you.

I'd love to hear about memories you may have of someone from your childhood that continues to remind you of God's love and stable care for you, wherever life may have taken you.  Leave a note below about your memories.

P.S.  O.K.! At long last I have some entries in the name contest and Thank God for that.  Please either leave a vote in the comment box below or send me an email with your vote for what the permanent name for this Monday morning feature ought to be named.  Here are the contestants:
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