Friday, August 10, 2012


Grandfather At The Beach
Photo Credit: Mark Grace

(for Linda)

Once you have heard the
seagulls, have felt the swish of
feet through sand and surf;

once you have tasted ocean
swells and smelt air heavy with
oyster beds and seaweed, you

can never be happy about
the cities and towns you
carry like a crippling weight

upon your back;

Do not be dismayed,
Be of good cheer,
marooned as you are in 

your office chair, waiting 
patiently for your last reprieve 
before summer shambles

into fall, before children dis-
appear into the ringing of bells, the 
smell of salt sea fades on distant breezes;

Unpack, now,
 your memories of 
grandfather, the beach 
and little man's 

They will bring you home.

Mark Grace
August 2012

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