Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two New Essays at Wayne Oates Journal Online

Lily Pads, Central Park
I know that I promised a conclusion to the essay I wrote last week entitled When Hope Won't Do, and I am working to get that here tomorrow.  Soup's not done yet, what can I say?

In the mean time, you can check out an essay I wrote for the Wayne Oates Online Journal, here.

The Oates Journal is dedicated to continuing the outstanding legacy of pastoral care, pastoral counseling and education that Wayne Oates left to those of us in the world of spiritual care.  There are a ton of wonderful articles about many of the very topics I am addressing in this blog.

Peace to you on this Wednesday!

P.S.  The folks at the Oates Journal were also kind enough to publish another article of mine a few months back, entitled, "Employed by Whom? Toward What End?  Pondering (Un)Employment and Spirituality."  Click on the title to be taken to that article.

P.P.S.  No jokes about the picture that accompanies either of those articles!  :0)

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