Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What is Religion "Pure and Undefiled?" Watch and Learn

I've written before about the incredible privilege I have to work with Don Sewell, director of Baylor Health Care System's (BHCS) Faith In Action Initiatives.  I've come to regard Don with a depth of respect and affection that is hard to understate.  

He and the Faith In Action core team, made up of Clark Mays, Chick Deegan, Sofia Aluri, and Dina Benson are tireless in their efforts to see that medical missions, medical supplies and second life medical resources get to people in need. I've only begun to write about these incredible people, because the work that such a small corps of leaders do will astound you.  

And the free will, volunteer response on the part of employees across the Baylor Health Care System will re-ignite your belief that God is doing great things in this broken down old world.

Among many things, BHCS, through its Faith In Action Initiatives program has been aggressive in its support for victims of the Haiti earthquake, the Joplin tornadoes, the tsunami in Japan, floods in the Philippines and many, many other circumstances in which the needs are dire.

Many of the people BHCS helps through Faith In Action Initiatives live in the greater Dallas - Fort Worth metropolitan area.  

A whole lot of them also live in places that are very far from here.

One of many programs that Don's team sponsors is the Fred Roach International Medical Missions Scholarship.  Employees of BHCS can apply for and receive money to help defray the costs of their volunteer time spent in providing medical and spiritual services in growing number of places around the world.

Take a look at the video above. Scholarship recipients Tam Le and Minnie Chau wrote the following:

We can't even begin to explain how God's love was so abundant in all the places we visited & all the people we met. We were definitely able to use the equipment & supplies that Faith In Action donated. The people on the trip were amazed that Baylor has such a generous ministry organization. All of this done for the glory of God and love for his people! 

Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end.  You won't want to miss the explanations that come in the closing credits.  They will help you to understand how crucial this particular project is and how needed your prayers are.


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